Purchasing information

To purchase my artwork, just click on the piece that you are interested in. The image page has information that will tell you the price, and size. Most of the images also have little white dots on the bottom of the picture and arrows next to the image. This will allow you to click on more detailed pictures of the same piece. You can use the "see it on your wall" feature to project a virtual image of the work to see if you like it in your home.

Hanging pieces are sold with a hanging wire or tab slot and will just need you to provide a sturdy hook or nail.

The functional wood pieces, cutting boards, and serving dishes should be gently washed and dried by hand. A dishwasher will kill them. Pyrography (wood-burning decorations) will fade (like most artwork) if hung in bright sunlight. You can rub them with cutting board oil when they start to look dry.

Glass is obviously fragile, but all of my flameworked pieces are carefully annealed for maximum strength. Glass is easy to clean with warm soap and water, but don't shock it with extremes of temperature. Glass can be repaired, so if something breaks you can send it back and I will fix it. I don't charge for the repair. Just the shipping.

You can use your credit card for a purchase. I will be notified and then I can contact you and ship the artwork. Shipping is free but you will likely have to pay state and local sales tax.

You can buy very nice prints of some of my artwork. Sculpture does not lend itself to a print, but the photograms, paintings, and drawings do! You can order the prints in many different sizes and also get a nice mat cut to perfection!

If you would like more photos or more information about a piece before you purchase it, just call or send an email from my contact page. I am not always right by the phone to answer it, but we do have a machine and I WILL call you back! I can't receive texts. My cell phone does not work here at the farm so we have a landline.

I do accept commissions at my discretion. It will depend on what you would like to have done, the time frame, and whether or not I feel I can make what you are requesting. Commissions require a 50% non-refundable deposit and I will do my utmost to create what you would like to have. Please contact me and we can discuss it.

I certainly want you to be pleased with your new artwork, so I will give you seven days to return something. But for the continuation of both of our sanity, please be sure you want something before you buy it! I will send you more information if you need it. I want you to feel comfortable before purchasing the artwork.